Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why insurance is screwed sideways... Brokers are paid to sell, not service.

I wanted to be a Pirate...when I was 7.

In fact, being a ship's captain was a good gig back in the day.  But in order to save lives, and create Australia, England had to change the pay structure of the Captain's who transported those mongrel crims.

I'm an insurance broker, slightly above used car saleman, but below lawyer...  I get paid to sell.  Thank God, I've always had a PT job while building my biz, because I wasn't incented to sell crap just to eat.  Instead, I chose to eat crap until my business was sustainable.  (And, thank you all for that!)

I've mentioned before, that I'd like to see insurance incentives based on getting claims paid, or reducing rates.  There's a company growing in SoCal who's doing that with health insurance, lowering your premiums for staying healthy. (I find it ironic that an article about Ship Captain's lead me to an insurance company called SeaChange...  or, see change...)  To me, this is the essence of Consumer Driven Healthcare.

If this type of insurance, or this type of insurance broker, interests you, contact me.

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