Thursday, September 16, 2010

Youth Rugby, Youth Health Insurance, and pre-existing condition rules from the Feds

If you have a child about to start a youth rugby program, you might NOT be able to buy a child-only plan, at least in Georgia or through Humana.  Some companies might try a small window of time each year, called an open-enrollment period.

Why?  Simply stated, it'll cost the insurance companies too much.  This will force a year long delay to get insurance for the young Rugger.  The kid has to go 180 days without insurance to qualify for the Feds High-risk pool, and, if there's a pre-existing condition, another 180 days before that condition receives financial benefits.

You can probably add the child to an existing health plan.  Depends on the State, and how many carriers are remaining the market.  (Many small carriers are already closing their doors.) is working on a nation-wide Rugby-only supplemental health plan.  Right now, the VBA 24h Accident plan is the best bet for someone who cannot get insurance.

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