Thursday, October 07, 2010

Tackler has all rights to the ball, except...

Rugby laws are open to interpretation. That's the ref sets the tone early, (or doesn't most of the time), and the players modify playing style to fit the refs vision of the game.

Especially at the breakdown/ruck area.

Obamacare made a great many laws. Well, it appears that some don't have to follow those laws. Consider McDonald's and these other companies to the Richie MaCaw's of Health insurance. They don't have to follow the laws, even though everybody else does.

Kinda like Congressional Members don't pay into Soc Sec, or have the same health insurance as we do. Fascinating...

Anyway, Obamacare is now unraveling... Rugby lives on, and you still need to get insured...

That's just the way it is.... for now.

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