Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Changing the Selection Committee's Decision

I know I use this analogy often, but getting declined by an insurance company is similar to getting dropped from the A side. Bloody sucks.

However, one Rugby player decided to get a bit aggressive. He contacted all his physicians. He simply asked if and when his records with the office were updated. He discovered that while the Doctors gave him a clean bill of health, the office management failed to update the charts.

Meaning, the insurance company didn't see the latest info on the Rugger.

A few Doctors were pissed. Good. I'm beginning to be a fan of electronic record keeping, and having DIRECT patient access to those records. (Who's got info on this?)

We re-faxed the updated records to the underwriting department today. They were in AWE.

"Really? This, this and this...all gone?"

"All gone..." as my Son would say regarding a cookie or a hot dog after inhaling them.

Once we have a decision, I'll inform the "populace."

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