Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Problem with Rugby-only Excess Insurance Plans

My Rugby-only Excess Insurance plan is becoming popular. Most understand that it's EXCESS coverage, to pay for deductibles and co-insurance. That's a good scrum.

Here's my challenge: If you don't have a base-level of health insurance, even a catastrophic plan (High Deductible, probably under $100 a month), I don't want to sell you the Excess plan. That's a lost line-out.


Because it's bloody irresponsible, that's why. You sign a waiver with USA Rugby declaring that you have health insurance that covers a minimum of 100k. IMHO, 30+% of Rugby players in the US don't have that coverage, from a standard health insurance policy.

Here's a few solutions:

1. The Team/League buys a group plan. Soon, you'll have a FAT option to do this. Sadly, 80% of the teams in the US won't buy it.

2. You buy a catastrophic plan for under $100 a month (Most US States, the Big Bad 5 Guarantee issue states: You're Screwed.), then supplement with either VBA's Accident Medical Expense Plan, or the Rugby only Excess plan through Sport Underwriters.

3. Don't play Rugby.

About that last option: If you tell me you can't afford insurance, I'll ask you what your last bar tab was....usually, Ruggers shut up after that.

Get insured. Don't be a burden on the Game Played in Heaven...

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