Thursday, December 09, 2010

Auto Insurance is CHEAPER than Health Insurance

Auto Insurance is cheaper than Health Insurance because you pay Out-of-Pocket for vehicle maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Auto Insurance covers big stuff, like accidents and such.

Oh, remember the halcyon days when Health Insurance did the same?

Well, it did. Here's why Health Insurance is so damn expensive...

If you began to actually spend your own money, even on little things, the health care industry would change.

Here's the skinny: The Health Insurance Lobby LOVES Obamacare because it secures it's Number 1 customer, the Government.

That's aint' the customer. Why?

Because you don't spend your own money.

Now, HSA people understand this. (that's why the Demos want to kill HSAs)

When the public has to spend it's own money, the system will change.

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