Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday's Rucks and Mauls

Here's the buzz from inside the insurance industry:

LAY-OFFS and LOWER COMMISH!!! (Commissions is how a broker/agent gets paid for selling insurance.)

I had three people from a large brokerage house ask me how I'm doing within my niche market. All three stated that there base salaries and commissions were reduced, and many perks removed. I'd love to find someone as crazy about another sport as I am about Rugby.

[ is the best business I've never runs itself.]

If the Big Dogs are doing that, it's good times, because that means premiums are going down. That helps anyone in the Rugby Universe who owns a business.

[NOTE: In the Health Insurance world, premiums are FLYING up like a Gary Owen!]

If you don't see a significant rate decrease for your General Liability, Workers Comp, or Business Auto, assuming no losses (claims on the insurance policy), call me.

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