Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How insurance works...Seriously, most people have no clue...

Here's how insurance works, kids:

Lot's of people pay a little into a big pot. Now, if someone needs Big $, then they use that pot.

If more money goes in than comes out, the pot remains available, and all are happy.

And, that's in a perfect world.

The complicated parts:
1. You
2. The administrators of the pot (Insurance company and/or TPA)
3. The people who billed you the Big $

Once people get involved, this simple "helping each other out by pooling resources", turns into a collapsed scrum. And, you're the hooker in the middle getting lifted, then crushed.


1. Educate yourself on how your policies work.
2. Make your agent carry some of the burden.
3. Realize that it's not FREE, and you're not owed anything. Be grateful that such a system exists, considering the alternatives.

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