Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Relagation and Promotion: Bad and Good Rugby Clubs

I like forcing good teams up, and bad teams down. Keeps leagues fresh, and forces a long term vision for any decent rugby club.

I don't like forcing rich people up, and poor people down. But that's where we are headed with Obamacare in it's current form.

Hey, I've already joined a Health Care Boutique. I carry a very High Deductible Health Savings Account qualified insurance plan, and supplement that with an accident plan. All told, I'm out about $200/mo, not including the funding of my HSA.

But I can afford that.

If you can't, you'll be getting your stitches at the Post Office. You'll wait for your broken clavicle surgery at the DMV.

Health Insurance premiums will continue to rise, as long as no one addresses costs.

Will you be relegated, or promoted?

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