Thursday, April 28, 2011

Income subsidies, and why Obamacare loses it's feet at the Ruck

A friend enrolled in the local Health San Francisco program. She stated that it wasn't "free" and she had to pay $100/month for the program.

Really? 30+ Female in Northern California had to pony up $100 per month for a health care program? She could afford $300/month, but that might cut into her lifestyle. We have it so good in America, most don't even realize. (Please visit Liberia as soon as possible.)

Luckily, she went online and saw the real insurance rates. Balking, she took the local program.

I got to thinking about the income subsidy in Obamacare. Here's what I found.

So, a family with $30,000 in income gets $20,000 from the Gov't for health insurance? The Insurance Companies LOVE LOVE LOVE this...

Obamacare loses it's feet at the Ruck because families will artificially deflate their incomes to get more subsidy, and the insurance fat cats make MILLIONS in premiums. I personally have a tax strategy for when my income hits $250,000 to reduce my taxes. (And, every one else who can utilize a loop hole to minimize taxes will USE THAT LOOPHOLE.)

The medical service industry: Doctors, Hospitals, and Nurses do not want price controls or cost controls, because that would hurt their income. They lobbied hard for Obamacare too...

Even worse, 1 in 10 won't enroll/sign-up for any program, but will still visit ERs and Doctors. Taxpayers will pay for them.

Please understand this: The only way for all this to truly come down is to ration the limited amount of Docs, Hospitals, and Nurses. A two-tiered health care system will emerge, just like Europe. The best and brightest will follow the money. No honor among thieves.

Who will protest? No one. No one is protesting now. This is simple crony capitalism, which ultimately leads to socialism. Always has, always will.

If you take Gov't money, you become dependent on that. I would, that's why I don't ever take gov't help. If you believe the Gov't should help you, then, you will find yourself in a line at the DMV to get your stitches.

Obamacare sucks. Falls over the ruck, doesn't keep it's feet, and is, bad for Rugby.

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