Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Do rugby players like to pay their bills? Oh.Hell.No

Here's the biggest challenge with Health Care and Health Insurance. Y'all don't pay much of the bills.Link
Seriously, thousands go back and forth between insurance companies and medical service providers, but I doubt anyone bothers to look at their EOB statements. (Explanation of Benefits: Looks like a bill, but it isn't a bill. It's a record of who and what for the insurance company paid.)

Rugby players will playing much more in future. Will they be enough to demand change?

If our laws become more liberal, we'll have most Seniors out on disability, as well as Social Security. Here's a thought, as the Social Security system goes bankrupt, my guess is that some politician will loosen the disability rules. All for the almighty vote of OLD PEOPLE....

[OLD People vote...young people...um, not so much.]

Obamacare is passed, and the two-tiered system is RUCKING OVER YOU in 2014. You best learn to handle your own claims, and deal with a bureaucracy RTFQ....

You will pay your bills. Oh.Hell.Yes.


  1. Who doesn't read his EoB. The thing that amazes me on the EoB is the "Unallowed" Column. The amount the the Doctor/Lab/Hospital is not allow to collect from the from the patient and that the insurance company will not pay. I.e. the discount for going to a PPO participant.
    If you are uninsured, not only are you responsible for making all the payments, but the amount of your payments seem to run about double compared to what the insurance company has contracted to pay.
    I see the talk about high deductible catastrophic insurance used in conjugation with a HSA/MSA. I there anyway for an individual to get the rates that the insurance companies have worked out?

  2. You are absolutely RIGHT. (Except that no one reads EOBs, um, except me and you.)

    The uninsured get totally screwed. And the "Unallowed" portion is called double billing. If you're smart, you can fight that.

    As to your last point, you are, by LAW only to pay the discounted rates when using an HSA-qualified plan. Remember, most people just see a bill and either pay it, or ignore it. Bad on both ends...