Monday, June 06, 2011

Rugby is NOT Free: Um, just like Health Care and Health Insurance

Funny how rugby players find their dues money when it comes to getting game time on Saturday...

A strong club leadership will keep a player off the pitch if they haven't paid their dues.

Now that the feds have regulated health Insurance (not health care, Obamacare does NOTHING to health care...), you're going to see a greater amount of out-of-pocket. Yes, you'll spend MORE money for "universal" health care. Lovely...

Now, some assume you're not prepared for this reality. And, some insurance carriers and prescription drugs companies are actively acting like assholes, hoping you won't notice. But, anyone who knows math as well as my 4 yr. old Son, realizes that the MONEY AIN'T THERE...

Now, if you get hurt, you'll find the money. If you're tires blow out, you'll find the money. Rent? Yep, you'll find the money. And, you might take an active role in finding the best price, which is what consumer driven health care is all about.

And, now, you get to do it for your health care... welcome to paying your club dues...times a 1,000.

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