Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chartis SPORTS GL ADMITTED in Most States!!!!

Being ADMITTED is like being blessed with the Size of a No. 8 and the speed of a 14...

An Admitted insurance company has the backing the state's DOI, and it's general fund.  Meaning, if the company goes down, the state will come in and help.

Chartis' SPORTS GL product, the only youth sports General Liability carrier I know of that has abuse/molestation liability, coach's professional liability, and the services of included in the policy is now Admitted in all states except: 

Alaska, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, Vermont, Virginia, Washington

Having the backing of your states' DOI creates a safer insurance program for your athletes.

8 + 14 = Tries!

Protect your youth league or team.  Look into Chartis. 


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