Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fake Insurance, like a dummy, but a wee bit worse...

I really didn't think this could happen. 

But, it did.

How do you check?  A.M. Best ratings, or just plain googling the CARRIER.

So, many of you are Rucking Insurance Services Clients, but I'm NOT your carrier.

The carrier is the actually insurance company that indemnifies the risk:  Health Insurance could be Blue Shield, or Kaiser.  Disability:  Guardian or Standard.  General Liability:  An AIG affliate, or Zurich, or Philadelphia/Tokio, Auto/Home: Farmer's, Foremost, Traveler's, Geico...

Hundreds of carriers out there.

And, yes, sadly, you must check on the carrier and the agent.

Don't buy a dummy...

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