Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Insuring the Kids who want to play Rugby

I want to grow Rugby in America, and the best way is through youth.

Two challenges:

1.  Equipment.  Hopefully, the TRY Donation Program will help.
2.  Insurance:  Here's where it gets ugly...

USAR(FU) has a new program written on Zurich paper. has it's own version via Chartis and Chubb.  Ours covers kids who just show up without any "registering" and volunteers and coaches.  So, a team or a league or an association has options.

The Individual has no options.  None.  Most insurance companies no longer sell child only health insurance policies, and many school systems are demanding health insurance to participate in scholastic sports.  You can use an Accident Indemnity plan, but that's limited to 10k in cover, and no illness cover.  Risky.

Will this challenge get addressed?  Not likely...  It'll be up to YOU clear the ball from this ruck.

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