Friday, October 21, 2011

Ruck, Paper, Lawyer: Lawyer Beats Paper...

So, we spend a good deal of resources creating certificates of insurance for our clients for their clients.  Example:  A Pest Control Company under contract to spray an apartment complex on a regular.  There's a contract between the two, and, of course, the Apartment complex wants proof of insurance.  Makes total sense...

Sometimes, the Apartment Complex wants certain wording on the COI, such "named additional insured", "waiver of subrogation" and other complex, lawyer-type phrases.

Here's the truth:  Everybody's gonna get sued if something bad happens, and a piece of paper won't stop that.  The proper insurance coverage will stem losses and protect your business, as it should.  But, please, don't think it's a "get out of a lawsuit free" card.

Lawyers sue.  That's how they get paid.

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