Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Concussions and Mouthguards and Rugby

The Brits call them Gum Shields.  And, that's pretty much all they do, shield the teeth and gums.

They CANNOT prevent, or even mitigate, concussion.

I've already heard one youth rugby coach dismiss the need for concussion awareness.  "That's Football's problem." 

Okay, so the first kid who gets knocked out, with resulting brain injury, should I send his medical bills, and the lawyers, to your house? 

Here are three simple pieces of information regarding concussion and youth sport:

Coach's Piece

Parent's Piece

Sadly, in America, we'll need to wait until some 13 year old kid gets a major brain injury before we get serious about this type of trauma.

Oh, and the mouthpiece won't from Walmart.  It'll be a Lawyer.

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