Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rugby Santa 2012!

This time last year, Coach Burke of the Oakland Warthogs and I rucked over an idea to get OLD Rugby players to donate unused/retired gear to YOUNG Rugby players.

The response last from last year's Rugby Santa forced my business partner to ask me to stop having stuff sent to the office.  We literally couldn't get down our hall.

Let's do that again, yes?

After the Silly Season, "The Girl" at came up with TRY Donation Program:  Tomorrow's Rugby Youth. designs gave us a logo, and BOOM, we were in business.

If you have old gear, please contact Kevin at for a mailing address.

If you're a youth program in need of gear, again contact Kevin.

And, be sure to visit the Rugby-Related Businesses that help us promote this last year:
Ruckie The Moose

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