Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Covering the deductible of an insurance plan with a Supplemental

To reduce costs, many people opt for a higher deductible for their health insurance.  Do you have the cash on hand to cover that in case a prop falls on you?

A simple and cheap way to fill the deductible "space" is with a supplemental policy from VBA.  Be sure to enroll before the beginning of training, and then cancel, if you like (I'd keep it, since it's good for non-rugby too!) after the season ends.  Rates and Benefits vary, but you can enroll here.

[Note:  There is a small deductible for the VBA also:  $195 to $275.  But that's still nicer than $2,500!!!]

Rugby is about putting the ball into space for your teammate to run onto it.  The gap can be tiny or huge, and timing is the key.  For $35-65/mo extra, you can have the cash(the ball) to go into the space (deductible), and having the timing just right.

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