Monday, January 09, 2012

STOP asking for cheap health insurance... IT DOES NOT EXIST!

Kids, we need to have a talk.  Health Insurance is Expensive.  Very Expensive.  And, if you're playing rugby without it, your putting yourself at financial risk.  (Or, are you?)

Last year, Rucking Insurance Services tried promoting an $80/year adult plan, and a $26/year youth plan.  Sales were super low, and therefore the program didn't cover the claims.  Program canceled.

Yet, I still get calls for that plan?  We needed about 1,000 to purchase it last year.  We didn't get close.

A comprehensive health insurance plan could run a few hundred a month, and remember, all you Parents out there, you can NOT buy a child-only policy.  The Insurance companies won't sell it to you.

"Why?" you may ask. Because the insurance companies and the politicians want it that way.

Claims cost money.  Doctors cost money.  Hospitals cost money.  And, it's going to get worse.

But here's the interesting part:  People are still playing Rugby without health insurance.  Parents are letting their kids play without health insurance. If we're unable to hock an $80/year plan to adults, do think they'll purchase a $300/month plan?

We don't know the solution, so that's why we've been closing down our health insurance side, and have expanded into Commercial Insurance, Personal Lines like Home and Auto, and teams and leagues.

We'll always help Rugby.  Let us hope this Health Insurance debacle turns around.


  1. Hanziou4:07 PM

    $80/year? What does that cover? That is an insanely low price for health insurance. Is
    (was) that just on pitch collision? I can't imagine it covering much else. Not for that price.

  2. On pitch collision, exactly. But, we failed with marketing, and did not cover the claims that came in with premiums collected. Ergo, the question remains: Do rugby players even want health insurance?