Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trapped at the bottom of a Ruck: Allstate/Farmers/ETC can't adapt/compete

Allstate, Farmers, and other "Neighborhood" captive agencies are losing market-share, fast.

I do love, Love, LOVE the Allstate "Mayhem" commercials...

"I'm the smartest raccoon I know..."

Is it really the internet?  Or, bad marketing?

Now, 20% of you will always buy the cheapest POS insurance you can get, online, now...

On the other end, 20% will ONLY work with an agent, and annoy the crap out of him asking 4,303,876 questions over meaningless details... good on you.

The middle 60% is why Allstate and Farmers, and other "Captive" agencies are getting killed.  They're trying to be everything to everyone.

At RuckingInsurance.com, we only work with Rugby players.  Period.  End of Story.  (It's called niche marketing... Try Michael Port's book:  "Book Yourself Solid")

Mostly because regular people suck...

But, actually, because we don't mind if you're the 20% quick-rucks, the 20% who maul for days, or the 60% who'd rather play open rugby...

To us, it's Rugby... We sell more, to less.  It's why we can do everything from personal insurance needs like health and disability and homeowners and auto all the across the pitch to business insurance needs like general liability, workers comp, group health, and business auto.

7 years...

So, thank you for letting us put a boot on Captive Insurance companies, and remember:

We Can Ruck Over Any Insurance Need

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  1. you just have to remember humility is important always..