Friday, March 02, 2012

New Startup: (Friday Funnies ala

(Stealing an idea from

Recent break up got you down?  Well turn that frown upside down with!

We will provide a generous, kind, and relatively attractive Rebound Specialist who will provide compliments on a regular basis and pay for all outings and meals.  (Of course, you'll be billed for these later, discreetly.)

When your emotions have run their course, our RS (who proved what an A$$hole your ex was) will subsequently provide you a break up of your choosing so that you'll have closure on your emotion, and contractual, terms.

"Gratuity" is optional, but never discussed.

Typical contracts are for 90 days, but a 30 day extension is available if you meet certain emotions needs (Please read and sign the exclusions and "lack of long term obligations" page...) it's like dating online, without the rejection that you're accustomed to!

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