Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Goodbye Outdoor Venues!

Wanna know why everybody hates insurance companies?

Indiana wants to regulate outdoor events and venues.  Ever fall down, (maybe you were drinking?), at an outdoor concert.  If you believe in personal responsibility, you WON'T sue the bloody venue, promoter, etc. etc....

But, hey, let's spend more money:  A group of the biggest Venues creates ITSELF, calling itself an "association", lobbies the Gov't to regulate the industry, and creates some sort of Bullshit "Best Practices" or license crap.  If you don't have these hoops jumped through, you can't get insurance, or the rate is so high, you can't afford it. 

Thus, small venues are squeezed out, big ones stay, and you end up paying more.

And, the insurance companies?  Well, they'll fight you in court.  Happy now that you only vote for D's or R's?

Gov't sucks.  Big Business Colluding with Gov't... Sucks more.

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