Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Commercial Insurers Don't Need your SSN to run your credit....

Your personal credit score can affect your ability to insure your business.  Though the process is cloudy, insurance companies can get an indication as to your credit rating with just a name and an address.

They don't need your Social Security Number.

To protect yourself, definitely get a Identity Theft Protection package.  Most banks, like mine at Wellsfargo.com, offer one as a service.  Kroll is a good company, too.

Second, monitor that credit, at least once a year.  You can have dings and dongs, just be sure they're yours, and that you're working to resolve them.

Third, disclose any challenges up front to your broker.  Nothing sucks worse than keeping info from the Broker, because we get caught in the middle.  If we know going in, it's easier, and we can usually find a way to satisfy the carrier.

Doesn't seem rugby related, but many of us A-type, Ruck Hitting Ruggers run small businesses...It is in our nature to create something from nothing.

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