Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I LOVE Noah's Bagels, but I can't TIP the Staff?

I eat at Noah's bagels....everyday.

My around the corner coffee shop, Apollo, sells...Noah's Bagels.

First thing I ate at CPMC, where Connor was born, was a Noah's Bagel Sandwich. 

I'm not allowed to tip the Staff, which are always cool and easy, because of a fear of a lawsuit.

Like this lunacy.  And, more here.

General Liability Insurance here in CA:  Liability insurers have three major duties: 1) the duty to defend, 2) the duty to indemnify and, 3) the duty to settle a reasonably clear claim.  [From wikipedia....]

Lawsuit fear is a justified fear, and Insurers know's how they make money.  If an employee was hurt "defending" the tip jar, would Workers Comp cover it?  IMHO, it would.

Or, do you give out the tips at the end of a shift, or pool them?  (Sbux pools them.  Very cool.)

However, some employees have sued employers over tip sharing practices.  No joke.

You can see why Noah's ain't interested in that exposure.

Noah, I'd like for you to, AT LEAST, put a tip line on a CC/Debit card receipt.  That should get you into trouble, right?

Mmmmm, time for a bagel.

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