Monday, June 18, 2012

VBA Hurls into the GAA!

My favorite Accident Medical Plan is VBA's 24h Accident Medical Cover.  $10,000 in cover for under $60/month for individual. Add $10 and you can include the Kids and the Spouse!

Some examples:

Rugby #8 dislocates elbow:  Ambulance, ER, MRI, Reset, and PT.  His health insurance deductible was $2,500, and he bought just $2,500 in cover (Cheap Irish!).  Anyway, his total out of pocket was $250!  All for under $40 a month!

Hockey Family:  4 out of 5 in the house play Hockey.  They've all filed claims, never once been canceled or rates raised for over 2 years! Each incident was a $275 deductible, but that's better than their $12,000 health insurance deductible that they'd be forced to cover with VBA!

Kick the ball to us for more details.

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