Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Luke and Yoda: Kaiser and Fear...

One of the Best Scenes from Empire...

"But my Doctor's not in Kaiser..."  "She will be... she... will be...."

Bottom line is this:  19% of the population eats up 80% of the health care dollars.  Only way for the remaining 81% to get care is to control the doctors and the medical services providers into one integrated system.  And, NOBODY gets paid fee-for-service...  that's the key.

Kaiser Docs, Nurses, and all others, just get paid a salary.  They're not incented to "Do" stuff to you, they're incented to just be Docs, Nurses, and all others... To do just do their jobs...

Subtle, but important.

So, Luke, you may not be with Kaiser, but you will be... you... will be.

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