Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Playing Rugby at 50: An EASY, and CHEAP, Health Insurance Solution(s)

Yes, Mom, I'm still playing Rugby.... 

50 year old Male, in California... what's his options health insurance wise?

How about just under $270/mo for the whole kit and kaboodle... won't even NEED to tap into USAR(FU)'s Accident & Health... (As it damn should be!)

From Kaiser, he gets a $208/mo HSA-Qualified $5,000 deductible plan...

Then, he hits VBA for a $10,000 Accident Injury Plan for $54.95... (gets to $60/mo depending on checking bank draft, or debit/credit card...)

Boom... done! 

You are now Free (well, $270/mo) to Ruck about the Country....

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