Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sole Prop Disability: Acrobatic Dancer, Carpenter, Pro Rugby Player

Simple Question:  If you own a "one-person" business, and you can't work due to illness or injury, in how many weeks will you be thrown out of your house/apartment?

No, you can't get Workers Comp....or, can you?

Most Disability Insurance Companies will decline any "physical" occupations... This could be an acrobatic dancer, pest control sprayer, cabinet carpentry and installation, and even, PRO rugby player...

Guess what?  RuckingInsurance.com can ruck over that disability need...

If you're a good saver, I'll bet you can weather a 3 to 6 month "storm."  Good on you... but anything longer, and you're probably homeless... right?

Call us.  If I can get disability insurance for a PRO rugby player, I can cover your occupation too!

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