Monday, November 12, 2012

TRY Donations, Business Interruption Insurance, and Hurricane Sandy

Interesting 3 Areas of RI's life that have intersected:

1.  TRY Donation Program has expanded for the victims of Hurricane Sandy... Rugby Santa to follow!
2.  Learning about Business Interruption Insurance, again, related to Hurricane Sandy
3.  Disaster... Wow, just how good do we really have it!


Incredible, the response I've gotten from Rugby players outside the East Coast, ready, willing, and able to send donations to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  We play the Game Played in Heaven, but as of now, I think this is Heaven on Earth.  The shout out:  Dallas Reds, SF Fog, SFGG, Berkeley All Blues, and Royal Rugby Boots, are the major bodies who contributed, with too many individuals to list.


Best description here.  Funny, but this little known coverage is typically ignored by brokers.  I actually called  a commercial insurance shop pretending to be a business owner, and broker had no clue about the coverage.  Clearly, Hurricanes happen... and you'd think never on top of  you....


These humbling, grateful moments, let us know just how good we have it... Keep that in mind, and give what you can...

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