Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blue Shield CA Kicks Ups Health Insurance Rates


So, you're accepting less people, and those you do take, you're asking for more money? 

RI is FOR "Medicare for All."  Yeah, you read that right... Why?  Because of three reasons:

1.  Supplemental Insurance, like VBA, will become popular, especially with Rugby Players.
2.  Concierge Medicine, like One Medical, will become popular, especially with Rugby Players.
3.  Local City and State Budgets will be saved, like Stockton or Detroit, since the health care portions of gov't employee contracts will go the way of "Pulling Down Mauls."
4.  General Liability Insurance, like what you need to get a pitch, won't have an Accident & Health Insurance requirement, saving rugby associations buku money.

Blue Shield CA, and Blue Cross, are not long for this world.  Get on Kaiser, and/or Supplement with VBA.


  1. Hope you are wrong. I have Medicare Supplement insurance plan F with Blue Shield. They continue to offer all the benefits I need and the cost is very competitive. I want to stay with the UC Davis health system doctors so am careful to see that any supplement offer includes those docs.
    You Rugby players need some sort of major insurance of your own! Considering the constant beatings your body’s take you need to make sure your insurance includes joint replacement and also you need long term care in case you take that last hit that puts you in a long term care facility.

  2. Rollie, good points all... My fear is that the established medical community, and the huge bureaucratic machine that administers will not die quietly.

    As to Long Term Care... CLASS act got popped. Good. LTC is getting more expensive, so you'll see a marketing binge towards those in their late 40s, early 50s, to purchase.