Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Morning Bruises: You PAY for your OWN mistakes...

Ah, sitting at the desk on Monday morning, less than 48 hours after 80 minutes of rugby and countless beers...  A precious feeling!

Now, the mistakes you made on the pitch... there's no one but you to blame... fact.

How the hell is this related to insurance?  Because many believe insurance is designed to pay for your mistakes.  No.  no.  NO!

Example:  General Liability is there in case you get sued.  Don't get sued, and you'll never use the insurance.  (IMHO, that's why you buy it...)  You can get sued without screwing up.

Another Example:  Deductibles on Health Insurance:  If you play rugby, and get hurt, you're going to pay for some part of the medical services, simply because you CHOSE to play.  "What do you mean that's not covered?"  Ha!

Final Example:  Cheap Auto Insurance.  You buy the cheapest shit out there, you get in an accident, car goes bye bye... "Wait?  I had insurance!"  Um, no, you had what your State required, and nothing more...

So, that bruise on your arm from a bad guy's thumb, or the rake on your leg from a prop's boot... your problem.

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