Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Business Owners: CGL and WC to increase in 2013...

Doing business properly insured will get more expensive in 2013.

From a Commercial General Liability perspective...  This is normal, since the market has gone SUPER soft in the last 3 years... just when I went full time... heh heh...  Remember, a CGL premium is based on revenues usually, and the 1,000s are multiplied by a rate, defined by what the business does.  I've seen classes at $12 rates down to $5 rates...  (Example:  If you make 100k, and the class rate is $12, you pay $1,200 for CGL, roughly, not including potential taxes and fees.  Imagine the rate drop to $5, and that's $500... make sense?)

So, the bounce up is normal.

From a Workers Compensation perspective...  Again, normal.  Good economy, lot's of players get into the market, cutting rates.  Economy goes to shit, claims go up, revenues dry up, and boom, workers comp rates go up.  We call this...economics... perhaps you've read about that in HS Civics class?

So, how do you keep the costs down, without exposure to lawsuits?  Easy....

...call me.

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