Thursday, December 06, 2012

Obamacare, and the Rugby Player: Health Insurance Rates to Double in the next 2 years...

If you're under 40, and playing rugby, you're health insurance will DOUBLE in the next 2 years...

Now, if you're employer provides health insurance, and there are more than 50 employees in your company, expect benefits to either be dropped, your hours reduced, or people (maybe YOU) getting laid off.

But Wait!  Didn't Consumers see 1.5 Billion in tangible savings because of Obamacare?  Yes, they did.

That money came from somewhere... And, as long as insurance companies operate on a profit, that cost will either be passed on as future premium increases, or lower payments to medical service providers.  Also, the O-care rules force insurance companies to age rate at x3 instead of x5 for older people.  Thus, the young will pay for the old.

What can a Rugby Player Do?  Get a supplemental plan for Rugby if you have employer health insurance.  Do NOT rely on USA Rugby's program, as it's NOT designed to act as a primary health plan, and you'd only be screwing other rugby players who follow the rules.  (Yes, you should NOT be playing if you don't have primary health insurance...)  If you're pissed that your health insurance rates are increasing, well,... that's a political problem... figure that out yourself.


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