Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Governor Jerry Brown, Insurance Agent

If you have employee sponsored health insurance, here's what will happen in 2014.

I'm curious to see if General Liability Carriers will begin quoting contact sports again (Only 2 markets remain), now that we ALL have health insurance... or, at least... should have.

I predict:

  1. Massive Increase in sales of Supplemental Policies like VBA's 24h Accident Medical Cover.  The Feds will make you pay, deductibles, co insurance... got $5,000 lying around?
  2. Prop-sized changes in Workers Comp, since everybody has Health Insurance, right?
  3. Scrum-sized Increases in Health Insurance Premiums... sick people, old people.

I wouldn't be surprised if all Excess A&H (policies for sports leagues to provide EXCESS, not primary, health coverage for injuries related to the sport) disappear.

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