Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Playing Fields: Satisfying Parks'n'Rec, ISDs, and Municipalities...

To get a field to play on, you typically need to present of Certificate of Insurance, or COI, to the entity that owns/maintains the field.  Most venue operators want to know that there is an Additional Insured endorsement on the policy, thus extending coverage to both the renter and venue.  Example is the classic "Slip and Fall", they sue everybody, but the renter's insurance covers both the Rugby Team and the Venue/Field operator.

99% of the time, no problem.  Most Sports General Liability Packages have some form of Additional Insured.  AIG asks for a written contract to extend Additional Insured statues to the venue.

Additional Named Insured is NOT the same, even though some places require this wording.  Why?

Additional Insured vs Additional Named Insured, best pdf on it here.

Sports GLs are hesitant to extend Additional Named Insured to a venue, if they'll do it at all.  Risk.  Of course, while you're on the field, the venue should be protected.  But, if you're NOT using the pitch, why should the venue be covered?  (Additional Named Insured tend to be needed for fiduciary reasons...)  Insurance companies, while they take on risk for a premium, they still don't like it...

If your field/pitch administrator is asking for special language, call us... We'll at least walk you through it.

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