Saturday, February 02, 2008

HSA Downsides...same in Rugby as kicking for position.

You've got to play Rugby in the opponents end of the pitch. Unless you're Carlos Spencer. ;)

The downside of kicking into your opponents end is that you typically lose possession. A strong lineout or a pressure defense can usually turn the ball back over to you.

Rugby players will use more health services on average than civilians. Rugby is an injury-prone sport. But still insists HSA policies are the best for Rugby Players. Still, you need to know the downsides, the gaps in the defense.

Here are the downsides to HSAs:

1. You're all out-of-pocket until you hit the deductible.

Basic health expenses are on your ass. Pick a deductible you can handle, or supplement with an AMC plan. That means no co-pay for doctor or ER visits. No R/x benefit either, but Walmart can sort that out, usually for only $4.

2. You can't have an HSA without a High-Deductible HSA qualified plan.

This part sucks. So, for the Insurance Lobby to sign off on tax-deductible health care, they needed a piece of the pie. Bastards. This affects players with major injuries, like shoulder or knee reconstruction. This could prevent you from getting insurance, thus no HSA. Ironically, the people who need tax-free healthcare the most can't get it. You listening, you politicians?

3. It's up to you to track your health expenses.

If you don't open an HSA account, you're stuck creating the Tax Schedule yourself. Could be a major pain in the ass, since you might not know all that's on, or NOT on the list. Get a CPA to check it, which, of course, costs you more money.

4. Frickin' pointless if you don't fully fund it.

No, you don't have to fund it fully($5800 for a family, $2900 for a individual). But you're not going to have Medicare when you retire at 65. You'll need an HSA nest egg for either big procedures and/or Long Term Care. Sucks. Get over it.

You play Rugby. Props fall on you. Fullbacks who know fuck-all about forward play shirt tackle you to the hard deck. Sometimes you get injured.

You need your own insurance. You must take responsibility for your own healthcare. No one will do it for you. Yes, it seems you're kicking away possession, but a quick turnover inside the 22m, and it's Try-City Baby!

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