Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rugby Insurance issues for High School and College Rugby Players

Attention High School Rugby players, you're gonna get hurt more often that Football players.

Now, y'all on your parent's Health Insurance Plan, if they have one. Make sure they read it too, because if you're playing, get hurt, and the plan doesn't pay for the incured bills, Momma's gonna be pissed.

Now for you Crazy College Kids, your school plan most likely sucks. You can be on your parent's plan until your 23, if still in school. But if your Parents don't have insurance, then maybe you've bought the school plan. Stupid. Read it. These plans are typically over $1000 a year but only shell out $25,000 total. That's one shoulder, or one knee. Not enough. You need to own REAL insurance, and at your age, it'll be cheap. (Unless you're in a state that mandates insurance rates like New Jersey and New York. You're screwed there.)

For both HS and College Rugby Players, use a Minor Emergency Medical Center when you can. It avoids an ER fee, and most plans also have a separate ER deductible.

Basically, you need to READ what you've got. Your generation will be completely responsible for it's own health care and health insurance. Medicare will be gone, so you best have a well-funded HSA when you get old.

Get insured, don't lean on your parents. Do YOUR homework, so to speak...

You play the game they play in Heaven, but that does divinely protect you from a Prop falling on you.

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