Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Mauls

Maryland makes sure your kids are covered

I like this mandate. (h/t So when you file your state taxes, you'll have to prove your kids have health insurance. Maybe you won't buy that big screen TV, or look into the SCHIPS plan.

Battle Ground State Florida shows HSA Growth

HSAs are coming for you like an open-side flanker. You have the ball, IE control of your healthcare dollars. But the 7 (6 in SA and France) is gonna knock you into next week, if you don't take care of your healthcare. Health Insurance is YOUR repsonsibility. Get to it.

IRB Rankings for your Doctor?

I don't like rankings. It's ultimately based on human opinion, and humans are notoriously fickle. As far as I'm concerned, SA is the best team in the World, England second. This is will not change until 2011.

But for your doctor, it's a whole different Ruck. The insurance companies over the last few years have introduced a rating system for their providers. The insurance companies realize that healthcare costs are the biggest driver of health insurance premiums. Doctors are ticked becasue the ratings seem arbitrary, and some aspects are outside their control. Either way, it's one human assigning another human a number, no different than a grade at school, or a standardized test score.

What's the solution? Simple: Quit subsidizing BIG Pharma, Price transparency, All healthcare money is pre-tax, and Allow the insurance companies to compete across state lines.

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