Thursday, October 08, 2009

Remember the ELVs: Didn't change much, did they? Neither does the Baucus Bill

We had these law changes, called the ELVs. Almost gone, except for some silly kicking stuff that backs need to know, the game is still running, passing, tackling, rucking and mauling.

Scrums didn't change. Lineouts went back to a non-collapse-able maul. Duh!

So what will the Baucus Bill do to change Health Care and Health Insurance for the typical Rugger?

Not a damn thing... Health Care and Health Insurance will continue to confound and increase, with all costs passed through to the consumer. Nice, huh?

In fact, people might fore-go the insurance mandate, since the penalties are low, and they'll still have access to guarantee issue plans. And, my guess, more than a few MDs will just quit.

Oh, and what about the Cadillac Plan tax? You'll be paying for that....

Good news for Ohio-ans. I like this idea, and I'd like to see it nationwide.

Here are some solutions for you:

Individual: Buy your own health insurance. It's cheaper than going through an employer, short-term (cash flow) and long term (no COBRA and a funded HSA). During the season, get yourself an Accident Medical Plan to cover out-of-pocket Rugby injuries.

Group: Bosses, get an Health Reimbursement Arrangement or Premium Only Plan going NOW. Quit providing health insurance to your employees, frickin' stupid to be in two businesses at once.

Team: Amateur Sports plans are becoming less expensive and filling the gaps create by high deductibles and deceptive co-insurance schemes. Email me on this:

The ELVs: A bloody waste of time...

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