Sunday, October 11, 2009

What is

RuckingInsurance meets a former Aussie League player in a bar to take an app.

RuckingInsurance spends 3 hours a week on the phone, getting a SINGLE claim paid, so that my client doesn't have to.

RuckingInsurance gets a call when your house burns down, and your agent is no longer in the business.

RuckingInsurance lends you socks at the pitch, because you forgot them.

RuckingInsurance asks why you think you need Life Insurance, when you have no kids, no spouse, and, sadly, no one will hurt financially because your rucking in heaven.

RuckingInsurance wants to play Rugby, but is too small, slow, and old to get paid professionally.

RuckingInsurance screams about US Rugby for the most downloaded Rugby Podcast in the World.

RuckingInsurance writes match reports.

RuckingInsurance finds out what your business liability policy actually covers, and damn, why the fuck did you buy that?

RuckingInsurance plays Rugby.

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