Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Getting Back on the Pitch: Dealing with a Decline due to "Unresolved" Medical Conditions

My whole focus is getting you on the pitch.  Whether it's Health Insurance, or insurance for a business or league, I just wanted as many people as possible playing Rugby.

Many times, a decline is due to an "unresolved" medical condition.  Basically, your Doctor didn't write a note at the end of your records stating that you're "cured."  (I know, I know, silly.  But that's how it is...)

The simple solution is to contact the office manager of the doctor's office, and explain the situation.  Typically, you'll be either asked to come for a check up, or the MD will just amend the records.

Next, tell the insurance company to RE-request your APS', or, attending physician statements.  Follow up, because they move at the speed of smell.

If you have a challenge, give us a call.

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