Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Why McDonald's dropping MiniMeds should scare Rugby Players...

McD's is tasty, and we all eat there. Breakfast is simply the KING, especially those McGriddles.

Anyway, looks like they're making changes to the benefits they offer. The OBAMACare legislation forces a specific MLR. (No, not Major League Rugby, from the 90s... heh heh... I still have one of their warmups...)

MLR: Medical Loss Ratio. The amount of money spent on claims versus collected. This is good, from one perspective, forcing the insurance company to cover claims.

However, some plans don't lend themselves so easily to an MLR that a regular insurance plan could. These MiniMeds, are usually AFLAC, scheduled indemnity plans. You break a leg, you get X dollars. You go get a check up, you get Y dollars. Make sense?

What happens if you don't get hurt or get a check up? Should the insurance company just make something up to spend money on? No, that's silly.

For those with pre-existing conditions, MiniMeds are sometimes the only plans available to them.

Not good....

November will be interesting...

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