Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Auto Claims vs. Health Claims: You scream that they're offsides, but you don't ruck them out of the way???

You file a claim, by contacting the insurance company, as soon as possible.

For any type of insurance.

Most people, after a non-injury fender bender, call their agent or claims number immediately after...

Most people, wait months...MONTHS!!! before filing a claim with the health insurance company?


If you're conscious, call the health insurance company. Get the process started. If you're not, make sure you've instructed someone do so, like in your "magic envelope".

I cannot understand why Americans believe health insurance is automated, but car insurance isn't...unless, the fact that you pay out of pocket for gas and tires and brakes makes you think different...


Don't scream they're offsides next time. Go over there, and ruck them off the damn ball.

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