Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Why Brokers Are NO LONGER Selling Health Insurance, despite rate INCREASES...

It's become, simply, too low revenue for high worktime.  Rugby players are efficient, no point in running into props when I can run around them. 

Here's a breakdown of rates for health insurance across the US.  Note the $210/mo average for individual health insurance ($1200/mo for a FAMILY! Damn.).

Now commissions were when I started:  20% first year, 10-8% every year after that.  I.LOVED.IT. and I was motivated to help my fellow Ruggers with any challenges.

Now?  7% trickling to nothing.  A few carriers just pay a $100 for an approved application.  That's it.  Making matters even worse, Obamacare has destroyed child only plans, and made underwriting tighter than a Scottish Scrum.  So, you'd go through 4-6 weeks of time, energy, and applications for a 50% approval rate.  Screw that.

However, in a year, when the insured is having a claim challenge, who do they call?  Their Broker.

When I made $42/month the first year, and $20/mo per customer, it was worth my time to help them.

But getting $14/mo or just $100 first time?  Not worth the effort to deal with, for most Brokers.

The FIX is simple:  Repeal Obamacare.  Or, full on into a Third Party Payer system.  Obamacare was like going into a tackle 50% committed.  You're gonna get shunted!  Either crush the bastard, or pass.

RuckingInsurance.com will continue to work with Rugby players, mostly because regular people suck.  When your local broker tells you to ruck off, you can still call us.  (Just be ready to spend $200/month...)

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